The image of the project Vinhomes Giang Vo as a diamond in the heart of the capital Hanoi

The position is not 2 of Vinhomes Giang Vo

The Vinhomes Giang Vo project is located on the land of “1 no 2” in the center of Ba Dinh district – the central district of the capital. With 2 fronts of martial arts and front Ngoc Khanh street, behind the large Giang Vo lake to the project of clean space and fresh scenery of life. Possessing the best location of the capital, Vinhomes Gallery condominium is full of elements of economy, transportation, infrastructure development. From Vinhomes Giang Vo apartment, residents can go to the area. The city center is easily accessible without any traffic congestion or traffic jams.

The image inside of vinhomes giang vo

Vinhomes Giang Vo system of living gives you 5 star standard

Airy space, modern equipment, high quality is one of the advantages of Vinschool, your child will develop a comprehensive knowledge and skills, especially advanced forging. practice English in the international environment. Vinmec General Hospital has a team of doctors enthusiastic, dedicated, highly specialized and modern equipment system and most advanced. Vincom Trade Center, the leading retail shopping system in the country with the appearance in most provinces. Dinh investment to plant a lot of green trees spread the shade down the road, creating beautiful beautiful, healthy. With the above facilities, Vinhomes Giang Vo handover will undoubtedly be the most luxurious apartments in the center of Hanoi.

The interesting thing that Vinhomes Giang Vo is waiting for you to discover

The gallery is designed elegantly luxomes, modern but also very friendly with nature. The wide open logarithm of the spacious loggia with the luxurious glass panel, using the Low-E glass, helps to balance heat, reduce UV light and reduce power consumption. From the feng shui perspective on choosing the house of many experts, Vinhomes Giang Vo Apartment located in this area will be a great place to go up. If the area between the center is narrower, the beautiful places to build apartments are increasingly rare, and green space is also less and less, the most attractive place to put Vinhomes Gallery into the most attractive condominiums. Now that is the natural green space surrounding the project.

Panoramic image of Vinhomes Giang Vo

Apartment with Vinhomes Giang Vo preferential policy

It is planned to build 10 modern high-rise towers, with four basements connected, the number of up to nearly 4000 apartments, and nearly 2000 apartments office Soho – Officetel. Customers will receive the best support package to own the dream apartment at Giang Vo Vinhomes Apartment Complex. Free service apartment: With this convenience, customers when buying apartments will be free to use some services regularly and used within a number of years. You can leave as many as you like in the house so that the total amount of indigestion in the house can not exceed 9 children. For many commercial banks currently have a policy of home loans up to 70% of the value of apartments. Please continue to follow up to update the latest information of Vinhomes Giang Vo.

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