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What attracted many investors to Vinhomes Giang Vo

Located in the prime location of Hanoi capital, Vinhomes Giang Vo will bring residents a luxurious lifestyle, comfort and class different. The type has become so advanced: high-rise buildings, offices, fairs and schools. With the combination of three prestigious brands – this cooperative model helps customers feel secure when choosing to invest in the project. According to unofficial information from the investor, Vinhomes Giang Vo Apartment will have the type of apartments, officetel, penthouse and skyvilla for the upstream customers. Demand for luxury apartments in the area increased sharply as people’s life improved. It ensures that the people who live there provide the best health care services and that the owner will make a great profit.

Use luxury furniture when buying apartments Vinhome Giang Vo

Luxurious apartment design with glass doors overlooking the balcony, creating a cool and luxurious open space, taking advantage of natural light and not using too many lights. Investors always design reasonable, feng shui direction as kitchen, toilet, bedroom, room … all must be logical, scientific and harmonious. Furniture in Vinhome Giang Vo is imported high class, arranged in harmony with the color and size of the house, customers just carry suitcase in. The minimalist layout of the apartment gives you an open living space.

vinhome giang vo interior image

Take a look around Vinhome Giang Vo

Vinhomes Apartment Giang Vo is a combination of luxury living space includes high-class apartments and Trade Center system with all the most modern and closed facilities. There are also a number of other attractive facilities awaiting you to explore.

The right time to buy Vinhomes Giang Vo original price

With speed to hurry to launch the project Vinhomes Martial Arts expected in the second quarter 2017. This is a key project in Ba Dinh District of the investor to create a big brand as well as assert its position in the real estate market. It is usually a direct discount for early buyers or one-off payments. Interested investors and customers will be extremely satisfied with this reputation of Vinhomes Giang Vo.

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